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Importance of Well-Maintained Shop Front for A Business

Shop Front Refurbishment
Written by ARS Ltd

If you are a shop owner, you must be well aware of how important shop front refurbishment is for business to run smoothly. Shopfronts are the first impression to all your customers hence should look good and function well. Renovation and restoration on regular time intervals keep your store looking new and functioning.

What to Consider While Considering Restoration?

Either the fixtures are outdated, or looking for a change in style or add up things. Renovations are cost-saving but require spending money. Therefore, be sure that you are renovating for the right reasons. For the renovation to go smoothly, you also need to make sure that your existing space can accommodate all your ideas. You can always consult a shopfront repair and refurbishment expert for a better understanding.

Renovation and refurbishment largely depend upon budget. It is essential to keep in mind your budget for renovation before starting it. Refurbishment of the store includes shop front recoating and restoration of frames, front doors, window displays, external signage, and lighting.

When to Consider Replacement?

Replacements are much more expensive than repair and refurbishment. Hence it is essential to understand when and why to consider a replacement. The two key indicators that point towards replacement are, either the shop front is starting to look old and outdated or damaged and not functioning properly.

Once you have decided to replace or refurbish, start planning the design, colour, and look (modern or traditional). The second consideration is the functionality of the shopfront. The third consideration is glazing at the doors or windows of your shopfront.

Types of Material That We Use for The Shopfront

Depending upon the business’s top 3 types of shopfronts described below can be used.

  • Aluminium Shopfront: One of the best materials is aluminium. It is versatile, flexible and can seamlessly fit into any irregularly shaped area. Aluminium is a durable and strong material that requires low maintenance. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and offers increased security to your shop.
  • Wood Shopfront: Wood is used when you want to add that vintage look to your shopfront. They have a traditional appearance and release historical essence. If you want to give your shop a distinct look that can be handcrafted, you can opt for a wooden shopfront.
  • Glass Shopfront: With the advancement in technology glass shopfronts are becoming popular. They provide a sleek design that creates a sense of sophistication which is perfect for businesses to create a modern and elegant image. When you are using glass material, different types of gazing can be used considering the requirements.

Glazing refers to glass panes. If two glass panes are used in the structure, it is called double glazing. Double-glazing windows and doors create two effects worth having. The first one is it prevents the noise that comes from the outside streets into your space, and the other one is it helps in minimising energy transfer. In summer, they act as a barrier by preventing the outside heat from coming inside, and during winter it prevents cool air from getting inside. Hence, it gives thermal comfort in all seasons.

In both cases- repair and replacement, consulting a professional is the best option. They will look into your store to analyse all the areas that require repair and replacement and recommend you according to your set budget.

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